Renew Apple MDM Push Certificate for Microsoft Intune Apple Enrollment


When you configure Apple enrollment on Microsoft Endpoint Manger (, you must have configured Apple MDM Push certificate which is a prerequisites for configuration of Apple enrollment for Microsoft Intune. The certificate expiry is normally 365 days and when its near its expiry date you get notified 30 days and then 10 days before. If you do not renew the certificate and it gets expired then a new certificate will need to be generated and installed which will require all the apple devices to get re-enrolled. Therefore, its easier to just renew the certificate before expiry date. I will suggest to note down the certificate expiry date and add a …

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Unable to change the Coexistence mode from Islands to Teams Only

Microsoft Intune

If you have upgraded your Skype for Business users to Teams and want to update the Teams co-existence mode to “Teams Only” so that users can only use Teams but still join meetings hosted in Skype for Business. To change the coexistence mode. Open Teams Admin Portal -> Org-wide settings -> Teams upgrade Change the co-existence mode to “Teams only”. You may get below error as we see in the below screenshot. There is not much information on this portal to troubleshoot this issue. However, we will try using powershell to set the co-existence mode to “Teams only” mode to see if we get more information on the console. Using …

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Download Certificate from NetScaler in PFX Format

Once the certificate has been uploaded on the NetScaler in .crt and .key. Its very easy to download it back in the PFX format from the NetScaler. Please follow the below steps and download the certificate along with Private Key. Once Exported, you can save the Password Protected PFX in a secure location. Steps:

Exchange 2010 or Exchange 2013: Event ID 2142: Process STORE.EXE (PID=6276). Topology discovery failed, error 0x8007077f.

Issue Description Unable to start the Exchange 2010 or Exchange 2013 Services and it just gets stuck at the Starting status. You restart the Server multiple times but the status is still the same. Also, when you try to connect to the exchange management console, you are unable to connect and when trying from Exchange Management Shell you get below error in the screenshot. Well, your clue to fix the issue is in below screenshot as well which i have highlighted with yellow box which says 1. “The computer is not in a site.” 2. “WARNING: No Exchange servers are available in the Active Directory site. Connecting to exchange server in another …

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Office 365 User Provisioning Issue [Unable to create user’s mailbox]

Issue Description When a new user is created in On-Premise active directory which is then synced to Azure AD and a license has been assigned to the user, you get the error: This user’s on-premises mailbox hasn’t been migrated to Exchange Online. The Exchange Online mailbox will be available after migration is completed. Also, you see that the Mailbox is not created for this user in Exchange Online(EXO). Solution: a) Remove msExchMailboxGuid attribute value from the On Premise Active Directory User. b) Remove msExchRecipientDisplayType attribute value. c) Remove msExchRecipientTypeDetails attribute value. d) Move the user to an OU in Active Directory which is not getting synced to Azure Active Directory and run Delta Sync. e) After the …

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Excel cannot access BloombergUI.xla. The document may be read-only or encrypted.

Issue description: When you launch Microsoft Excel 2016 you get below error message: When Excel is Opened -> Bloomberg Tab -> When you click on Refresh then below error is displayed: Troubleshooting For troubleshooting this issue, you can perform below steps: Make sure C:\blp and its subfolders are excluded from Anti-virus Scanning. For SentinelOne, Add the folder to exclusions in Interoperability mode as shown below: Exclude c:\blp folder from Windows Defender Scanning using below commands on PowerShell window on the affected system. Use setpermissions.exe to set the correct permissions on Bloomberg folders and bloomberg registry keys. Run this exe as administrator it automatically checks and fixes the permissions for you. …

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Copy Files between ESXi Hosts by using SCP (Secure Copy) Command / SCP Copy Stalled Fix

scp allows files to be copied to, from, or between different hosts. It uses ssh for data transfer and provides the same authentication and same level of security as ssh. Enable SSH on ESXi Hosts First make sure the Port 22 is open between source and destination ESXi host . If its not, the you can fix it using below steps: On source and destination ESXi hosts make sure TSM-SSH Service is in Running State. Make sure SSH Client in ESXi Networking Firewall rules is Enabled on both source and destination ESXi hosts in Networking -> Firewall rules -> SSH Client. Click on Actions and then Enable. Test Port 22 Connect to Source ESXi …

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Unable to delete Azure resource tag from few resources like Microsoft insights using Azure Portal

Recently worked on an issue where I was not able to remove resource tags from couple of resources using azure portal. The specific resource type was microsoft.insights\scheduledqueryrules. Selecting the resource and clicking on the three dots -> click Edit tags -> try to remove the tag, you will get a notification saying that its successfully deleted but when you check the tags on the resource its not removed. I had a ticket logged with MS product team for this issue and they suggested below workaround. To delete the tag from microsoft.insights\scheduledqueryrules when its not getting deleted using azure portal. Please follow below steps: GET the resource output in Json Code …

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Export Users DisplayName, UsageLocation, UserPrincipalName, MFA Status, StrongAuthInfo, DefaultAuthMethod from office 365 / Azure AD using PowerShell in CSV

You can export Office365 users DisplayName, UsageLocation, UserPrincipalName, MFA Status, StrongAuthInfo, DefaultAuthMethod using powershell. The exported data will be in a CSV File which will list these details. Default MFA Method is useful when you want to know who in your company is using which MFA method to authenticate to office365 services. For example, this data is also useful when you are planning to move the users from SMS based method to Phone App Method which is more secure. The PhoneAppNotification method means when users will get notification in MS Authenticator App and they tap on approve to confirm sign-in. First you need to download / Install MSOnline powershell module …

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