DNS Aging and Scavenging – Explained (Step-by-Step guide)

DNS Scavenging

DNS Aging and Scavenging DNS Aging DNS Aging is a process of identifying the stale resource records from the DNS Server. Stale resource records create issues in the name resolution (by creating duplicate DNS records), unnecessary space utilization, degradation of the DNS server performance. It keeps track of the time stamps of the individual resource records (RR). From last time stamp of the resource record to the current time of the server is considered as the age of the resource record. The value we get is used for Scavenging Operation which deletes / removes / cleans up the resource-record from the DNS Server. DNS Scavenging DNS Scavenging is a recurring …

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How to fix Error 0x800f0830 – 0x20003 and The PC doesn’t meet the minimum system requirements to install Windows 11

0x800f0830 - 0x20003

FIX BELOW ERRORS DURING WINDOWS 11 INSTALLATION ✅ The PC doesn’t meet the minimum system requirements to install Windows 11. ✅ “We couldn’t install Windows 11” We’ve set your PC back to the way it was right before you started installing Windows 11. 0x800F0830 – 0x2003 The Installation failed in the SAFE_OS phase with an error during INSTALL_UPDATES operation. Recently I have tried to upgrade my Windows 10 Home PC to Windows 11 Home. I have spent a lot of time and effort trying to fix the error 0x800f0830 – 0x20003. I have tried the installation / upgrade couple of times on both of my laptops and was getting this …

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How to Install Windows Package Manager (winget) and Search, Install, Upgrade, Uninstall Apps on Windows 10 using winget

Windows Package Manager

Overview Windows Package Manager or winget is a command-line tool which we can use to search, Install, upgrade, uninstall and configure applications on windows 10 systems. In this blog post, we will look at how to install Windows Package Manager and then see useful commands / switches which can be used with winget. Install Windows Package Manager There are different ways to install Windows Package Manager / winget Command Line Tool which are listed below: Winget tool is included in Windows App Installer. You can get it from Microsoft Store using this link: Windows App Installer. Once you click on Get, It will launch local Microsoft Store app. Click on …

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How to create Microsoft 365 groups in bulk with sharepoint site and Teams using Powershell

microsoft 365 groups

About the Task This week I received a request to create Microsoft 365 groups in bulk using Powershell. I tried to use New-UnifiedGroup command (part of EXO V2 Powershell Module) to create Microsoft 365 group which worked fine for creation of the group but this command did not create corresponding Sharepoint site. Therefore, I utilized New-PnPMicrosoft365Group command (part of PnP.Powershell powershell module). In this blog post, I have explained in detail on how to use New-PnPMicrosoft365Group command and create Microsoft 365 group(s). First Step is to Install PnP.Powershell Module and authenticate using Connect-PnPOnline to Sharepoint before we can run New-PnPMicrosoft365Group cmdlet. There are many different ways you can authenticate to …

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Thank you Readers – TechPress reached 100K All time Views

Hi Everyone – I wanted to thanks each one of you for visiting TechPress blog and reading the articles and appreciating it. Since I have lauched the blog, I have received good feedback. Through TechPress Blog I create and share step by step setup guides, troubleshooting articles and trying to help everyone who are working on a number of technologies. Learning and Sharing is a motto of this site and I am learning new things everyday in IT and sharing the ones which are most relevant and tested. Recent Updates on TechPress blog TechPress – Forum is launched for discussion on a number of technologies and could help in troubleshooting …

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How to show Terraform configuration in Visual Graphical representaton using Graphviz

Summary Terraform graph command is used to generate visual representation of either a configuration or execution plan. The command generates a DOT format Output. In the post we will see how to generate an image / nice graphical representation of Terraform resources and their dependencies using the DOT file we will generate. We will use Graphviz which is an open-source graph visualization software. I will not go in detail of the Terraform code and assume that you already have main.tf file along with other terraform code written in configuration files. As an example, i am using below terraform configuration file which i will use it to convert to a DOT …

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How to remove a vertical line from Atom text Editor

While working with Atom text editor and writing your code, you may have seen a vertical line on the screen. It sometimes looks like there are multiple panes where there are difference workspaces but its part of the same code workspace area. If you want to get rid of this line and to make it less confusing when writing your code. You can follow the steps in this blog post to remove this line. Below is an example screenshot which shows a vertical line in this text editor: Disable the Vertical Line: Open Atom text Editor and go to File -> Settings or press Ctrl + , Click on Packages …

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How to configure automatic Outlook Contacts Sync to Native Contacts App for iOS and Android devices using Microsoft Intune / Microsoft Endpoint Manager (MEM)

When you have a requirement where users are using their personal mobile devices to access the corporate emails and other Microsoft office apps. You want to make sure the data in these apps is secure and also prevent data leak. Application Protection Policies (APP) Policies can be applied to the users which protects your apps and data. App Protection Policies provides the option to Allow the contacts to be synced with the native apps. The setting is called “Sync policy managed app data with native apps“. By default this setting is set to “Allow”. Along with this setting, you will require an App configuration policy to save the contacts. Save …

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How to show or hide indent dots – Visual Studio Code (VSCode)

While writing a code using VSCode, there are lots of settings to configure to make it easy for the programmers to write the code faster and make it readable. Indentation is a must in every code you write to make the code readable. Using VSCode settings (Shortcut: Ctrl + ,) you can adjust the Indentation Tab Size. Now, Lets see how we can toggle indent dots in the code. Without Indent Dots: With Indent Dots: To Toggle between Indent dots and without dots:

Cisco anyconnect VPN Error – Repairing VPN Adaptor / VPN Client drive encountered an error. Please restart your computer or device, then try again

Cisco Anyconnect VPN Error

Cisco anyconnect is an application used for Point to site VPN Connection. Which means that this application is used to establish a VPN connection from a remote machine to the Cisco Device which further provides a secure end to end encrypted connection to the internal office network. The application needs to be installed on the system and user then types the VPN server address, username and password + 2FA (Two Factor Authentication, if configured) and establishes a connection provided authentication is successful. After user enters username and password it tries to establish VPN session, you get an error “Repairing VPN adaptor…” and it eventually fails to connect. Below are the …

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