Could not find the recovery environment – Windows 11 Reset PC

Could not find the recovery environment

I recently tried to Reset my Windows 11 PC by clicking on to Settings -> System -> Recovery -> Reset PC button but it failed and displayed an error message “Could not find the recovery environment” Insert your Windows installation or recovery media, and restart your PC with the media. The error message pop-up window is shown in below screenshot for your reference. There could be several reasons why your PC’s windows recovery environment is not available for example if windows recovery environment is corrupted or your PC could be a hit by a virus which has made a lot of changes on your PC including disabling your abillity to …

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Mimecast Directory Sync Error – ERROR|Connection Error – Error opening file of directory data (using connection – Azure AD Directory Sync)

Mimecast Directory Sync Error - ERROR

MIMECAST DIRECTORY SYNCHRONIZATION ERRORS ✅ Fix Errors between Azure Active Directory and Mimecast. ✅ Connection Error – Error opening file of directory data (using connection – Azure AD Directory Sync). To Start the Directory Synchronization. Login on Mimecast Admin Portal and click on Administration -> Services and then click on Directory Synchronization. Below Directory connector is created to Sync users from Azure Active Directory to Mimecast. If you already have a connector for Directory Sync then you can click on Sync Directory Data to start the sync process. Once you click on it you will either get a message Summary of Directory Sync or you will get error messages. In …

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How to remove a vertical line from Atom text Editor

Atom Text Editor

While working with Atom text editor and writing your code, you may have seen a vertical line on the screen. It sometimes looks like there are multiple panes where there are difference workspaces but its part of the same code workspace area. If you want to get rid of this line and to make it less confusing when writing your code. You can follow the steps in this blog post to remove this line. Below is an example screenshot which shows a vertical line in this text editor: Also Read: How to show Terraform configuration in Visual Graphical representaton using Graphviz Disable the Vertical Line: Open Atom text Editor and …

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How to show or hide indent dots – Visual Studio Code (VSCode)

How to show or hide indent dots vscode

While writing a code using VSCode, there are lots of settings to configure to make it easy for the programmers to write the code faster and make it readable. Indentation is a must in every code you write to make the code readable. Using VSCode settings (Shortcut: Ctrl + ,) you can adjust the Indentation Tab Size. Now, Lets see how we can toggle indent dots in the code. Also Read: How to remove a vertical line from Atom text Editor Without Indent Dots: With Indent Dots: To Toggle between Indent dots and without dots:

The System administrator has set policies to prevent this installation

The System administrator has set policies to prevent this installation

I received an error while installation of an application with .msi extension. “The System administrator has set policies to prevent this installation“. Below screenshot is popped up from windows installer, even though i am logged on to the PC using local administrator credentials. Solution Disable Anti-Virus and then try to install application again. If it fixes the issue, then try to make an exclusion to make it permanent for future installations. Go to Start -> Type Run -> In the Run box type secpol.msc. Right Click on Software Restriction Policies -> New Software Restriction Policies Right Click on Enforcement and click Properties. Select “All users except local administrators“. Click on …

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Excel cannot access BloombergUI.xla. The document may be read-only or encrypted.

Excel cannot access BloombergUI.xla

Issue description: When you launch Microsoft Excel 2016 you get below error message: ‘BloombergUI.xla’ cannot be accessed. The file may be corrupted, located on a server that is not responding, or read-only Excel cannot access ‘BloombergUI.xla’. The document may be read-only or encrypted. When Excel is Opened -> Bloomberg Tab -> When you click on Refresh then below error is displayed: Troubleshooting For troubleshooting this issue, you can perform below steps: Make sure C:\blp and its subfolders are excluded from Anti-virus Scanning. For SentinelOne, Add the folder to exclusions in Interoperability mode as shown below: Exclude c:\blp folder from Windows Defender Scanning using below commands on PowerShell window on the …

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Volume Shadow Copy Troubleshooting, Delete existing shadow copies on windows server using command line , vssadmin command examples, use of diskshadow command

Volume shadow copy service

Vssadmin command A quite useful built-in command which you can use as a starting point while troubleshooting the Shadow Copies is Vssadmin. Lets run this command with different parameters and check the results. There are different switches / commands which can be used with vssadmin. To show / list the different commands, Open Powershell as Administrator or Command prompt as an Administrator and type vssadmin Command Description Availability Vssadmin add shadowstorage Adds a volume shadow copy storage association. Server only Vssadmin create shadow Creates a new volume shadow copy. Server only Vssadmin delete shadows Deletes volume shadow copies. Client and Server Vssadmin delete shadowstorage Deletes volume shadow copy storage associations. Server …

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