How to Enable Always on top in Zoom Meetings App

To make sure Zoom meeting window stays on top of all other windows, you need to enable Keep on top setting from the zoom meeting app. This setting is also commonly referred to as Always on Top setting. It can be enabled on a Windows or a Mac device during a Zoom meeting.

Always on top / Keep on top setting is really helpful which I have also used a lot of times. This helps me multi-task while in the meeting as the zoom meeting app window always sticks to the top of all other windows.

Let’s check the steps to enable this setting:

Enable Always on top in Zoom on a Windows device

Below steps will work on any Windows device e.g. Windows 10 or Windows 11. I am using a windows 11 device with zoom application.

When you are in a Zoom Meeting, Click on top left hand side corner of window on the zoom icon and from the list of options select Keep on Top to enable this setting. After you select keep on top, Zoom app window will always stay on top for this meeting.

Keep on top setting in Zoom Meeting App on a windows device

Enable Always on top in Zoom on a Mac device

As we have seen in the previous section, how you can enable Keep on top / Always on top setting on a windows device. You can enable the setting if you are joining a Zoom meeting from a mac device. Let’s check the steps for the same:

After you join a Zoom meeting, you will see a toolbar on top of the screen. Click on Meetings -> Keep on Top to enable Always on top on a mac device.

How to Always show meeting controls in Zoom meeting app

Meeting controls are available when you join a zoom meeting. The controls enables you to Mute / Unmute, Start Video, Security controls, Check the list of Participants joined the meeting, Share your screen with the group of participants and More… You can also End the meeting by clicking on End button.

Zoom Meeting Controls in Zoom App on a windows device

You can toggle Zoom meeting controls by pressing Alt button on the keyboard to toggle it on or off. However, if you always want to make sure that meeting controls are shown when you join a meeting, you can enable a setting called “Always show meeting controls” in Zoom App settings. (Please note Alt button will still work to show or hide meeting controls)

To Enable Always show meeting controls, Please follow below steps:

  • Launch Zoom meeting App.
  • Login on Zoom App.
  • Click on Settings⚙️ Icon-> General and check/select “Always show meeting controls
Settings Icon in Zoom meetings app
Always show meeting controls option in zoom meetings app

How to Always show meeting controls in Zoom meeting app on a Mobile phone

When you are using Zoom meetings app on your mobile phone, you still have the option to enable “Always show meeting controls“. You can enable this setting on iPhone or an Android device as well.

For Enabling Always show meeting controls option:

  • Launch Zoom App on your phone
  • Sign in to Zoom App.
  • Go to … More.
Zoom App on a Phone More Options
  • Click on Meetings to show all meeting options.
Zoom Meeting Options on a Mobile Device
  • Under General options toggle “Always show meeting controls” to ON.
Always show meeting controls option in Zoom App on a mobile phone


In this blog post, we have seen how to keep your Zoom meetings app window always on top of other windows. You may be working on other tasks while also in a Zoom meeting. If you are doing multi-tasking, the window or the app which you are working on may get on top of Zoom meeting app. Therefore, if do not want this behaviour, you should enable keep on top setting. Beside Always on Top setting, you can also enable Always show meeting controls so that you can manage a Zoom meeting more easily.

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