How to check your onedrive storage usage

Onedrive is a Microsoft cloud service that provides a location for you to store your personal files. For most subscription plans, default storage space for each user’s OneDrive is 1TB which can further be increased to 5TB depending upon your Microsoft 365 subscription plan.

When users in your organization are already utilizing OneDrive for storing the data. They may want to check for how much storage space is consumed so far. If you have exceeded the amount of storage use then you may receive an error message and will not be able to store data any further.

Therefore, you should monitor your OneDrive usage regularly and make sure its having enough space to hold your current data and also for future growth.

To check OneDrive storage usage, please follow below steps:

  1. Login on site using your normal username and password [Admin rights are not required to check OneDrive storage usage]
  2. Click on the square dots on left hand side corner to reveal all Microsoft 365 Apps. All apps
  1. Click on OneDrive app.
OneDrive app from Microsoft 365 Portal
  1. On the top right hand side you will find a Settings Icon. Click on It and then Click on OneDrive settings.
OneDrive Settings Icon
  1. Click on More settings from the OneDrive settings page and then select Storage Metrics.
OneDrive Storage Metrics
  1. Storage Metrics page will show you how much storage is being consumed by a user. Documents are stored in Document Library so look out for Documents folder in the OneDrive site collection to find out how much space is being used.

You can also check from the top right hand corner about how much space has been used. In below screenshot, 1024.00 GB free of 1024.00GB. There is negligible amount of space consumed and mostly not containing any data. You may have a different value shown there depending upon the usage.

OneDrive Storage Metrics page showing Documents library usage

Checking OneDrive Storage Usage by Administrator

In the previous section of this blog post, we saw how an end user can check OneDrive space usage. However, if you are Global Administrator or Sharepoint administrator, you can check OneDrive space usage for any user in your organization.

First we will check GUI method to check OneDrive space usage of a user from Microsoft 365 admin center and then we will use Powershell commands to get the details.

Checking OneDrive Storage used From Microsoft 365 admin center

You can easily check any user’s OneDrive storage utilization of any user by following below steps:

  • Login on Microsoft 365 admin center.
  • Go to Users and then click on Active Users on left hand side pane.
  • Click on any user to open a pane on right hand side.
  • Click on OneDrive tab to check the Storage used.
OneDrive Space Usage using Microsoft 365 admin center

Checking OneDrive Storage used by using Powershell

As we saw that its easier to check OneDrive storage used for any user using Microsoft 365 admin center. But its even quicker to use Powershell commands to check OneDrive storage consumption for each user in your organization. You can either run the command against one user or all the users. Let’s see the steps on how to get OneDrive space usage using Powershell.

  1. Download and Install Sharepoint Online Management Shell on your device.
  2. Get admin URL of your sharepoint organization.
  3. Connect to Sharepoint Online using Connect-SPOservice cmdlet.
  4. Get users OneDrive URL.
  5. Use Get-SPOSite cmdlet to output Users OneDrive space usage.

Install Sharepoint Online Management Shell

You can Install sharepoint online mangement shell by using the link: Download and Install Sharepoint Online Management Shell.

Get admin URL of your sharepoint organization

Get the admin url of your sharepoint organization. You can find the url from the browser address bar of sharepoint admin portal. For my organization, its

Sharepoint admin URL from Browser address bar

Connect to Sharepoint Online using Connect-SPOservice cmdlet.

We will use Connect-SPOservice powershell cmdlet to connect to sharepoint online. This cmdlet requires admin URL of sharepoint organization to connect along with Global administrator or sharepoint administrator user credentials.

Connect to Sharepoint Online

Connect-SPOService -Url -credential

Get users OneDrive URL

To get OneDrive URLs of each user, you can use below powershell script. Copy the code and simply paste it on Powershell console. It will ask for sharepoint admin URL and then it will produce the output in OneDriveSites.log file on the desktop.

Get users OneDrive URL

$TenantUrl = Read-Host "Enter the SharePoint admin center URL"
$LogFile = [Environment]::GetFolderPath("Desktop") + "\OneDriveSites.log"
Connect-SPOService -Url $TenantUrl
Get-SPOSite -IncludePersonalSite $true -Limit all -Filter "Url -like ''" | Select -ExpandProperty Url | Out-File $LogFile -Force
Write-Host "Done! File saved as $($LogFile)."

Here’s how the output of above powershell commands looks like:

OneDrive URL List using Powershell

Use Get-SPOSite cmdlet to output Users OneDrive space usage

Next step is to use Get-SPOSite Powershell cmdlet to output users’s OneDrive usage by using that particular user’s OneDrive URL.

Get Users OneDrive space usage

Get-SPOSite -Identity | select Owner, @{Label='StorageUsage';E={($_.StorageUsageCurrent/1024)}}, @{Label='StorageQuota';E={($_.StorageQuota/1024)}}, Status, @{label='FreeSpace%';expression={($_.StorageUsageCurrent / $_.StorageQuota)*100}} | ft -AutoSize
OneDrive Space usage using Powershell


Its useful to monitor your onedrive usage time to time to make sure that it does not exceed the set quota of 1TB. In some cases, you may get 5TB storage option as well. You can check how much quota has been allocated to you from Storage Metrics under OneDrive Settings. This is really handy setting to check, you can also bookmark Storage Metrics page for faster access in the future.

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