Deploy MSI Application on Windows 10 workstations using Microsoft Intune

Microsoft Intune

There are numerous ways to deploy an app on Windows 10 workstation. I will be deploying an application using MSI Installer provided by the vendor. Download the application MSI Installer file from the Vendor web site and follow below process to deploy it on the target computers.

I will be using Line of Business apps Deployment method of Microsoft Intune for this deployment. Line-of-business (LOB) apps and Microsoft Store for Business apps are the app types supported on Windows 10 devices. The file extensions for Windows apps include .msi, .appx, and .appxbundle.

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  1. Login to Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center (
  1. Go to Apps -> All Apps -> click on + Add button to Add the application.
  1. Select App type as Line-of-business app.
Microsoft Intune Line of Business App
  1. Line-of-business app selected.
Deploying MSI Application on Windows 10 workstations using Microsoft Intune
  1. Select app package file.
Deploying MSI Application on Windows 10 workstations using Microsoft Intune
  1. I am using Ring Central Phone Application MSI for this deployment, therefore i have selected the MSI file downloaded from vendor website.
Ringcentral MSI Microsoft Intune
  1. For Silent Install on the target machine, use the MSI Installer switches /norestart /qn. Select the App install context to either User Context or Device Context. If you need help in choosing this option, click on Microsoft Docs User Context / Device Context.
  • Name: Enter a name of the application.
  • Description: Enter the description of the application.
  • Publisher: Enter the name of the Publisher of the app.
  • App install context: Select App install context to either User or Device.
  • Ignore app version: Select this to Yes for self updating apps like Google chrome or Zoom Meeting app. Select No for apps which are not self updating.
  • Command -line arguments: Provide command line arguments / switches to be executed with selected msi.
Ignore app version
Make sure to not accidently downgrade the self updating / auto updating apps by setting Ignore app version to No. Auto update apps does not require admin rights and will prompt the user when a new update is available for installation. Users can update the apps themselves. Few Examples of the apps are Web browsers like Google chrome, Zoom Meeting App etc.

If you set Ignore app version to No for a self updating app and users updates the app on their device. Intune Management Extension will downgrade the app back to the version deployed via Intune. So make sure its selected to Yes.
Ringcentral MSI Microsoft Intune
  1. On the Assignment tab. Click on + Add group to select a group to which this application will be deployed. If you want to deploy this app to all the users, then you can also click on +Add all users.
Ringcentral MSI Microsoft Intune
  1. On Review + create tab, review the application configuration and proceed.
  1. App will upload now to Azure.
Ringcentral MSI Microsoft Intune
  1. It took approximately 10-15 minutes for me to get the app deployed on the target PC.
Ringcentral MSI Microsoft Intune