Volume Shadow Copy Troubleshooting, Delete existing shadow copies on windows server using command line , vssadmin command examples, use of diskshadow command

Volume shadow copy service

Vssadmin command A quite useful built-in command which you can use as a starting point while troubleshooting the Shadow Copies is Vssadmin. Lets run this command with different parameters and check the results. There are different switches / commands which can be used with vssadmin. To show / list the different commands, Open Powershell as Administrator or Command prompt as an Administrator and type vssadmin Command Description Availability Vssadmin add shadowstorage Adds a volume shadow copy storage association. Server only Vssadmin create shadow Creates a new volume shadow copy. Server only Vssadmin delete shadows Deletes volume shadow copies. Client and Server Vssadmin delete shadowstorage Deletes volume shadow copy storage associations. Server …

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