How to create Azure Policy to enforce resource tags

As we discussed management of azure resource tags using GUI and PowerShell in this post , we have updated the resource tags on existing resources. However, its a best practice to update the resource tags at the time of resource creation. You can create policies in azure and apply it to the root management group which contains the subscription. Azure Policy enforces organization standards by evaluating resources and comparing to the policy definitions. Please find below screenshots which shows step by step how to create Azure Policy to enforce resource tags.

How to apply Tags on all Azure resources using PowerShell

You can use the tags to logically organize all the resources in Azure. Tag in azure is a name and value pair which can be applied using GUI or by using PowerShell. You can take the approach of GUI if there are not too many resources where you have to manage the tags. In that case, you can click on each resource and then click Tags (as shown in below screenshot) on the left hand side pane and fill the details for Name/Value Pair. While this method is manual and also requires a lot of time if the number of resources where the tags needs to be populated increases from …

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