The System administrator has set policies to prevent this installation

I received an error while installation of an application with .msi extension. “The System administrator has set policies to prevent this installation“. Below screenshot is popped up from windows installer, even though i am logged on to the PC using local administrator credentials.


  • Disable Anti-Virus and then try to install application again. If it fixes the issue, then try to make an exclusion to make it permanent for future installations.
  • Go to Start Start Windows icon -> Type Run -> In the Run box type secpol.msc.
  • Right Click on Software Restriction Policies -> New Software Restriction Policies
  • Right Click on Enforcement and click Properties.
  • Select “All users except local administrators“. Click on OK to exit.
  • Set “Turn off Windows Installer” to Never in the Group Policy Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components Windows Installer.
  • Install the application using the .msi installer. It should install this time.

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