-Need Web Development?

I offer just about anything you can imagine a website to do--from e-commerce to booking systems, and anything in between! The web development aspect of TechPress is my first priority. I can even run & maintain your AdWords campaign!

-Who Are My Services For?

I will be completely honest with you if my services are not right for your business. If you just need an informational website, you can probably make one yourself with free website builder tools. My services are for businesses who have grown past these, or need something that these website builders cannot handle, such as booking, reservations, course enrollment, subscriptions, e-commerce, etc. I'm the next step up before a major scaling of a multi-million dollar company.

My services are for those who value custom design. I do not use any templates or website builders, and everything is written from scratch. This means that any PHP developer who gets their hands on my scripts can add to them in the future. This is good, because when your company becomes huge, and you need scalability with a $100,000 web firm, the apps I build are not trash, and can be scaled by them.

Pricing is going to be a lot lower (less than 1/3 in most cases) than what you're going to pay a web firm, but naturally, higher than the web builder apps. In many cases, if you are paying a subscription for a web builder tool, my services will have been about the same price after one year.

It's true that in most cases, you get what you pay for. I believe that my services are a solid value.

-Don't want to hire a separate designer?

The focus of TechPress is on PHP development, but since many of my clients don't have graphics and photography, I got into it. I can also resize and clean up your existing photos or graphics on the fly, in-house. I can handle graphics for you, or photography. All I need to know is what you need!

-Responsive Websites!

Seriously, do any web developers even make non-responsive sites any more? Mobile internet usage has surpassed desktop. Any website I build is responsive, and there is no separate mobile version. You get one website that handles both mobile and desktop gracefully.

Demo Apps

I am always working on demos to showcase my abilities. The apps I have below are ready-made. A lot of time has already been put into the back end logic This means that if you are interested in one of them for your business, I can focus primarily on the front-end design.

If you would like to gain access to the back end of any of my apps, please contact me, and I can give you log in information. In the meantime, feel free to peruse the front ends.

These demos are here as my spec work. If you have an idea that you'd like me to demo, please feel free to let me know! I may not always have time for full-on spec work, but I will add your idea to my list of things to demo.

Booking System

This demo is a full-fledged booking app for hotels, motels, cabins, rental homes, or anything that needs this type of system.

With this system, you can give your visitors the option to book a room online, and pay on the spot.

You, as the business owner, can perform a variety of actions such as canceling reservations, add and edit rooms, and more.

TechPress Booking System
Booking system front page image


This demo is an e-commerce platform I have built.

Allow your customers to purchase directly from your website, and put their cash in your bank account!

On your end, you can add products and prices, and assign each product to a category and view your orders.

All images in this demo are taken from pixabay.com

TechPress E-Commerce
Booking system front page image

Social Media App

Versifyr.com was my first big PHP project. It's a full-blown social media website. It never took off, but that wasn't really the point with it. It was really just to show my capabilities. The only users who ever signed up for it was one friend, and two family members.

Users can make their own login, handled through email. From there, they can post poems, comment on poems and respond to comments, like poems, edit and delete poems, and change their password using email. The app uses pagination, has a loading screen overlay, and has a great search feature.

Versifyr.com front page image

Technical Information

The web technologies I use (if you're interested):

  • PHP - For back-end/server side scripting
  • MySQL - For databases
  • HTML - Mark up language
  • CSS - Styling
  • Javascript - Front-end scripting

I generally will use a CSS framework like Bootstrap or Bulma to speed things up, but do not have to, depending on your project requirements.

PHP is written in a procedural, functional MVC format. HTML and PHP are separated with 'templates' and 'partials' folders, respectively. Composer may be used to bring in external dependencies, if they are required for your project. I use plain PHP with PDO, and no frameworks at the moment. My PHP interacts with MySQL. Databases, tables and columns are created with PHPMyAdmin.

Most of the JavaScript in my projects is handled using jQuery or plain, procedural JS.

I use both MAMP and XAMPP software as a localhost for local development.

Websites are made live via FTP and Filezilla.

I have moved away from WordPress, but can still make themes for the CMS if you require your project to be make with it.

For graphics and photography:

  • Affinity Photo (Photo editing)
  • Adobe Lightroom 6 (Photo editing)
  • Adobe Illustrator CS6 (Graphics)
  • Affinity Designer (Graphics)
  • Final Cut Pro X (Video editing)

Most of the time, if you purchase a web app through me, I will include some graphics. This is generally because I want the app to look good myself! So if you don't have much in the way of graphics and photos, I have you covered!