How to uninstall expressvpn application from Windows 10 systems using Microsoft Intune

Expressvpn Microosft Intune

Some of the apps are pre-installed with Windows 10 and not required by the end user. Therefore, these applications need to be removed. expressvpn is one of the application. The below steps can be followed to uninstall any version of expressvpn installed on windows 10 systems. expressvpn app is not available from Microsoft store for business, therefore it cannot be synced from Microsoft Store for Business portal to Endpoint manager and target for un-installation. We need to create a Win32 app package to uninstall this app.

Below process of uninstallation can be followed for applications other than expressvpn as well, just check the silent install / uninstall switches for that application, create .intunewin file and add the application on Endpoint Manager Admin Center and Target it to the users or devices.

Use below process to repackage the application / setup files to .intunewin file. Launch command prompt, change the current folder to where Microsoft Win32 Content Prep Tool is downloaded and run below command.

IntuneWinAppUtil.exe -c <setup_folder> -s <setup_file> -o <output_folder>

Setup_folder = C:\softwares\expressvpn

setup_file = expressvpn.exe

Output_folder = C:\output



IntuneWinAppUtil.exe -c C:\softwares\expressvpn -s expressvpn.exe -o C:\output



Output Folder:

expressvpn intunewin

Now once .intunewin file has been created, we will now add this app on Endpoint Manager admin center using the following steps:

  • Login on EndPoint Manager Admin Center.
  • Click on Apps -> All Apps -> + Add
  • Select App Type to Windows app (Win32)
  • Click on Select.
  • Select app package file and browse to expressvpn.intunewin and click Ok.
  • Enter / Update the Name of the Application and Publisher Information and click Next.
expressvpn Microsoft Intune

Program Tab:

Install command: expressvpn.exe /install /norestart /quiet
Uninstall command: expressvpn.exe /uninstall /norestart /quiet
Device restart behavior: No specific Action  
expressvpn Microsoft Intune

Requirements Tab:

Operating system architecture: 64-bit
Minimum operating system: Windows 10 1607
expressvpn Microsoft Intune

Detection Rules:

Rules Format: Manually configure detection rules
Rule Type: File
expressvpn Microsoft Intune

Skip to Assignments Tab and Add target All Users and All Devices .

expressvpn Microsoft Intune

Click Review + Save and Save the Application. Wait for Intune to trigger the App Uninstall from all the systems. You can check the status of the uninstall from Application -> Device Install Status or User Install Status.

We have targeted assignment of this application for uninstall but if your requirement is to install this application, target the application for Installation in the assignment tab. We have already provided Install Command while adding this app in the program tab, so this will install expressvpn on windows 10 systems.

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