My Thoughts On WordPress

Collin - 01-26-2018

Want to really tick off a WordPress developer? Just say one negative thing about it. That’s all that it will take! The majority of people who “develop” WordPress websit.... Read more

2018 -- Have Fun, But Make It Count

Collin - 01-01-2018

2017 was kind of a rough year for TechPress, but a good one. My other business did a lot better, but it’s still my dream to make TechPress successful. I have come .... Read more

Want To Make Some $$$?

Collin - 09-27-2017

I am offering 10% of a sale's total to anyone who refers my services. That could mean anywhere from $100-$300 in your pocket, just for a referral!

All you have to do is ask my client to let.... Read more